Cetacean-fishery interactions, two weeks of testing and monitoring in the Adriatic Sea. The “DELFI 2022” campaign has just ended. The CNR IRBIM team, which coordinates the European Life Delfi project, spent two weeks on board the research vessel “G. Dallaporta”.
The aim of the “Delfi 2022” campaign is to study the interactions between cetaceans and trawls in the central Adriatic Sea through passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) and visual monitoring techniques. Researchers have jointly employed hydrophones, autonomous underwater recorders, underwater video cameras and drones to characterise how dolphins interact during different fishing operations. This makes it possible to associate specific vocalisation patterns with visually observable behavioural states (e.g. net depredation).
During the campaign, the catch – several boxes of fish weighing more than 80 kilograms – were handed over by the campaign managers to the “Gabriele Ferretti” charity centre in Ancona.