On 15 February, a meeting was held with small-scale artisanal fishermen for the renewal of fishing permits within the boundaries of the Torre del Cerrano MPA, a partner in the European Life Delfi project. The occasion was the ideal opportunity to strengthen the collaboration with the fishermen within the Life Delfi project, whose conservation actions, aimed at reducing the interactions between fishing nets and dolphins, will be started again in the next months.
The fishermen present received indications and updates from the staff of the Cetacean Research Centre and confirmed their availability and interest in a project that aims to protect cetaceans, but also to help fishing activity to reduce the enormous damage it suffers every year due to interactions with dolphins. During the meeting, the fishermen who took part received authorisation to fish within the MPA’s boundaries for the current year and, to accompany this, flags and jackets with the logo of the MPA and the Delfi project. The material delivered will allow the immediate recognition of the tools in use and of the authorised operators, also by the Corps of Harbour Offices – Coast Guard, as a further means of safeguarding legitimate fishermen.
Present, among others, were the representatives of the Cetacean Research Centre, consultant of the Marine Protected Area in the Delphi project, who explained to the fishermen how the project will continue, and the Port Authority of Silvi (local maritime office) in the person of Commander Massimiliano Gagliardi.
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