Press release The staff of the Protected Marine Area Punta Campanella, with President Lucio Cacace, will be in Bologna from 1st to 3rd April to take part in the Eudi Show 2022, the European exhibition of underwater activities. The event, now in its 28th edition, takes place at the Bologna Fair Centre. Punta Campanella will have its own exhibition space at location E45. Besides showing the Park's underwater jewels to a wide audience of diving enthusiasts, the Amp will present - on Saturday at 4.30 pm on the Ferraro stage - the actions and activities of Life Delfi, the project co-financed by the European Commission that aims at reducing the interactions between the fishing world and dolphins. Space will also be given to the importance of Citizen Science, science made by citizens with their reports, and to the "Marine Ranger" App, a simple and effective tool for sending all sightings of dolphins or other cetaceans to a national network of experts. Guido Pietroluongo from the University of Padua and Daniel Li Veli from CNR-Irbim are also scheduled to speak. The former will talk about the cetacean recovery actions carried out by the Cert (Cetacean Stranding Emergency Response Team) throughout Italy and the Mediterranean, and the numbers of cetacean strandings along the Italian coasts. While the second will illustrate research activities to develop state-of-the-art deterrents to keep dolphins away from fishing boats and the use of alternative fishing gear to safeguard the species. The Punta Campanella Marine Protected Area has been taking part in LifeDelfi for two years and has installed several pingers, sound deterrents, on fishing boats in the area and is ready to distribute creels to local fishermen that guarantee efficient fishing and zero danger for dolphins.