For the second year, our Life Delfi project and dolphin mascot Peppe boarded Goletta Verde, the historic Legambiente Onlus campaign to defend waters and coasts. During the Tuscany stop, Beatrice held the first Delfi-Lab, an educational workshop on the dolphin species and their life at sea, dedicated to children and young people directly on the beach! The workshops in the next stops will also be organized right on board the Goletta Verde, to give explanations and intrigue the little ones always Beatrice and Leonardo from Legambiente.

During the workshops, participants are involved in a frontal lesson peppered with multiple-choice questions to find out trivia and information about the existence of dolphins at sea and the risks they run, or to explain how to behave in case of a sighting at sea.

Watch Beatrice’s introduction for Goletta Verde’s Delphi Labs